Prototyping Interfaces - Interaction Design with VVVV

16 Feb 2012 offers a preview of the beautifully designed book and website Prototyping Interfaces.

The practical part of the book branches the basics of the visual programming language VVVV and how to control different electronic components with Arduino and VVVV. Beginning from the use of different sensors and actuators to modern tracking technologies like the xBox Kinect, different examples are explained within a wide range of tutorials.

Eager buyers will have to wait though.

unfortunately it is "just" our bachelor thesis and therefore it is not available yet. we will update our website in a few weeks and with it we will release additional information about a possible release. So be sure to check out the website and we will keep you updated about the future of our project!

Prototyping Interfaces - Interactive Sketches with VVVV.