Getting Started with Impromptu

12 Jan 2012

Impromptu is a scheme based language used to live code audio and graphics on OS X. Essentially it's an interpretive layer to interface Audio Graphs, Quartz, and Open GL. I'm finding it an immersive way to prototype experimental audio and graphics applications intended for iOS or Mac.

Here's a few notes from my installation.

Download Impromptu

  1. Mount the dmg
  2. Drag to applications
  3. Drag DefaultKeyBinding.dict into ~/Library/KeyBindings
    • Create the directory KeyBindings folder if it doesn't exist
    • Copy contents of DefaultKeyBinding.dict if file exists
    • I've got a copy of my DefaultKeyBinding.dict with emacs bindings on github
  4. Drag audio units into ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/
  5. Save the examples if wanted (exampleirlib and examples). I placed them in ~/Documents/Impromptu

Launch the app and now you can follow along with the Impromptu Introduction.