Livid Announces CNTRL:R DJ Controller

11 Jan 2012

CNTRL:R was designed over a one and a half year period with electronic music pioneer Richie Hawtin and the artists on m_nus records.

I got to see this when I stopped by Livid last month and it looks sharp, solid, and well thought out. Most interesting is the replacement of the cross fader with a 16 step sequencer.

The “sequencer” section of the controller can be set to create sequences and grooves, or control cue points and triggers.

The 16 by 1 drum grid made famous by instruments like Roland's TR series has long been at the center of dance music production. Replacing the analog metaphor of a crossfader with a step sequencer just feels like a natural step towards fusing DJ and live performance.

Shipping Feb 5, 2012 for $699 - CNTL:R