iPad Music Apps

25 Oct 2011

These are the best iPad music apps in the store that I've personally used.

And these are the apps I'm interested in trying someday soon.

  • FingerPro MoDrum, drum machine
  • FingerPro BassLine, bass synth
  • Korg iElectribe, groove box
  • Korg iKaossillator, touch effects
  • OneRedDog Molten, drum machine
  • Pulse Code Rhythm Studio, modular environment
  • Retronym Tabletop, modular environment
  • SoundTrends meta.DJ, virtual dj
  • SoundTrends studio.HD, production suite
  • SoundTrends looptastic HD, looping sampler
  • Synthetic Bits FunkBox, drum machine

And here's a list of interesting looking sequencers.

  • Audanika SoundPrism Pro, harmonic controller
  • Hexler TouchOSC, controller
  • Laurent Colson StepPolyArp, sequencer/arpeggiator
  • White Noise Audio Software Genome MIDI Sequencer, midi sequencer